10 First Date Tips for Calm and Confidence


Feel scared about an upcoming first date? Struggle to be your authentic self when you turn up? You’re not alone. The anxiety of first dates can make people accidentally abandon their common sense, intuition, and who they are at their core. But why? Because of all those self-sabotaging thoughts you have that can directly create anxiety and self-doubt and sometimes also because of the behaviours that you might indulge.

I recently received an email from a client, whom we’ll call ‘Anna’, stating that she was terrified about a first date she was going on the following night and wondered whether I had any last minute tips for her to revise beforehand on being confident and her authentic self. So I emailed her the 10 tips below. It turns out, Anna had a great date! The responses below are specific to Anna and the coaching conversations we’d had during two sessions, but there are…

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