15 Year Old Girl With Friendship Woes


Next up on the podium is a 15 year old lady. She writes to me:

Hi im a teenage girl, I’m 15 and I just recently came out as lesbian to my mom and closest friends. I know some people dont agree with it and think im too young but i am who i am and im happy with who i am and that i know who that is at such a young. My dad dosent know yet cause he dosent live with us and i havent seen him nearly a year and i dont think he should find out over the phone.
Well anyway, I thought I had feelings for my best friend so I told her and she let me down easily but she has been giving me mixed signals. Before the covid-19 thing I told her and the day after I went into school absolutely dreading it thinking she would ignore me . But when i went to school she was stuck to my side and we were sorta alone just the 2 of us all day. Im so confused. Any advice??

Okay, first of all let me tell you…

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