2 Hidden Ways We Sabotage Intimacy In The Relationship We Want



Do you have a pattern of being attracted to an emotionally unavailable intimate partner who is emotionally protected and difficult to get close with? Or do you have a history of pushing away the sort of person who is available, caring, and easy to get close with? It turns out, we sabotage intimacy in a few ways, and we’re going to explore those today.

How Do You Sabotage Intimacy in a Relationship?

Whether we are in the process of falling in love, or have been married for 16 years, we all know that it feels amazing to be emotionally connected with our partner. Much less understood is how a couple can start holding hands with a close connection and then begin the painful process of falling out of love.

All of us disconnect in different ways. It’s a torturous feeling to experience love when we are so familiar with heartbreak.

As Tina Turner reminds us, “Who needs a heart when a…

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