29 Year Old Woman Is Not Feeling Listened To


Next up on my ask me anything podium is a 29 year old woman that feels empty inside.

I am 29 year old women.i have a question regarding my relationship. I am in 3 months old relationship. The guy said he loves me a lot and I am his lifeline but I don’t know why I always feel empty inside. He always think about our future marriage but not focusing on our present. I am craving for his time but whenever I tell him about the issue I have he always told me I am wrong and I am always overthinking.i don’t understand what should I do?
I really love this guy and I want my life with him but I don’t know what should I do to save my relationship.
Is really I am wrong?

Hi there,

Really, thanks for contacting me.

What you’re experiencing is common in most relationships. It can often feel like you’re alone in this but the fact of the matter is that there are probably millions of…

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