3 Choices that Make or Break It


You have three relationship connection choices that can make your partnership amazing or lonely.

“Feed and clothe a human infant but deprive him of emotional contact [and] he will die.” – A General Theory of Love

Matt and Evalin fight about everything under the sun.

Evalin tells Matt, “You’re a slob. It’s not hard to pick up your clothes off the floor and put them in the hamper.” Matt responds, “You shouldn’t be talking. You’re a space cadet who always forgets snacks I need for work when you’re at the grocery store.”

What is this couple really fighting about?

Like most couples, they’re fighting about nothing. The content of their fight doesn’t matter as much as what’s underneath their words. They are fighting due to the emotional disconnection that creates a chasm of misunderstanding between them.

Conflict is the inflammation of a lack of emotional…

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