35 Relationship Quotes From The Book, ‘Happy Relationships’


Relationship quotes for all relationships

From Happy Relationships: 7 simple rules to create harmony and growth


‘Remember to treat others as of equal value to you, not above, not below.’ Sam Owen – (Happy Relationships)

‘People who are good for us make us ‘feel good’, emotionally and physically, most of the time; people who are bad for us make us ‘feel bad’, emotionally and physically, most of the time.’ Sam Owen – (Happy Relationships)

‘Everyone benefits from someone believing in them, because it helps them to believe in themselves.’ Sam Owen – (Happy Relationships)

‘Authenticity is powerful. It tells people who you are, and it tells you who you are.’ Sam Owen – (Happy Relationships)

‘We all have one life. We don’t know how many years we’ll be alive or how much of that time we’ll be healthy, and we have plenty of things to do that take up…

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