5 Reasons Drinking Tea Can Be A Good Bonding Activity for Couples


Cups of tea and cuddles are among the small gestures that couples can use to express love. Small acts of kindness, like making your partner a cup of tea, are highly valued in romantic relationships. It is no doubt that we are a country of tea-lovers. There is an adage that goes, “If you have tea, you don’t fight.” Tea is believed to be something that cheers and cements. For decades, tea has been known to be among the great uniters. This article aims at discussing how tea for couples could be responsible for good bonding activities. 


Scientifically Proven

Tea consists of natural plant extracts such as caffeine, polyphenols, and a building block of protein, amino acid L-theanine. These constituents positively impact a person’s body and mind. Thus, tea offers relief from routine problems and stresses. The L-theanine amino acid is responsible for improving a person’s ability to manage anxiety and stress and triggers the parts of the brain associated with mental concentration to light up and relaxation. Tea brings couples closer and is a way of reconnecting them.

Tea Facilitates Dialogue and Is an Expression of Love

Tea is a unifier. Drinking tea together encourages conversation and dialogue between couples. This promotes openness and enhances love more. Tea gives couples a reason to go somewhere, enjoy a couple’s drink, and converse about all sorts of things. With the positive effects associated with tea, couples will enjoy their time better if they have a cup of tea, as compared to if they didn’t.


Romantic gestures such as bringing a cup of tea to your partner in bed or watching TV together while enjoying the cup of tea rarely go unappreciated. British people love a proper English brew, and they put a lot of weight on a cup of tea. When couples go out to public places for a date, they prefer to enjoy a cup of tea and tea bags together. Love is best expressed when there are positive moods, and tea provides exactly this.


For ages, tea has been used cross-culturally as a refreshment and bonding tool, and that is why it is embedded in many traditions and cultures. The experience of having a couple’s drink with your partner, and conversations and dialogues, leaves a romantic impression to the couples.


Tea Shows the Ability to Know Each Other

Tea is great for couples because it is a way by which couples demonstrate how much they know or do not know about one another. For instance, you may find in a relationship, that one partner knows that his or her partner is poor at making the right brew. Also, there are some couples who prefer not to voice their opinion about how good or how bad their partner is at making tea because they fear causing strife and upset.


Furthermore, there are those that think that their work colleagues are better off at making tea than their romantic counterparts. Basically, tea is not used only as a beverage, but also as a mirror that couples can evaluate how much they know each other.


Tea Can be Used as a Hobby

Couples who are both enticed by tea can try out various local restaurants that provide loose leaf tea, or even travel to regions that are renown for making the proper cup of tea. In a relationship where both partners are attracted to tea, it becomes fun when couples indulge in something together, and tea itself becomes a nice hobby. The bonding activities bring the couples closer and enhance their feelings. Sharing values, beliefs, interests and tastes with your partner are key requirements in creating a strong bond.


Tea Results in Happy Relationships

As mentioned above, tea consists of compounds that reduce depression and anxiety. Theaflavins which mainly are found in black tea, drastically reduce anxiety and induces positive thinking. Such attributes are necessary in a romantic relationship, as it results in positive vibes and happiness. Similarly, green tea has also been known as an antioxidant and reduces a person’s stress levels. Improved moods and vibes result in happy people and relationships.



Small things in a relationship, such as saying “I love you”, “thank you” along with kinds of kindness such as making of good cup of tea for your partner, are highly valued in couples. Tea for couples is essential as it offers numerous opportunities for bonding activities. these activities range from hobbies to dialogue enhancement. Tea is also a bonding tool, and it is no doubt that couples who share a cup of loose-leaf tea will enjoy better moments together. It is scientifically proven to generate positive mood and vibes: all of which are required for a productive relationship. You can have your first of many tea date with your partner even at home. Purchasing tea online can be a convenient way to have the best and healthiest tea bags or loose leaf tea, according to your preference.




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