Are You Dating an Insecure Man? Here’s How to Handle It


I think it’s safe to say that there isn’t a person among us who doesn’t have insecurities. Some may be better at dealing with them or hiding them, but we’re all insecure to some extent.

Everyone has flaws and imperfections, and that’s perfectly normal. But, it’s the human condition to be painfully aware of them.

Our insecurities are part of who we are and don’t just vanish once we’re in a relationship. In fact, they may even become more obvious to you or your partner.  If you’re afraid you might get rejected because of the things you’re insecure about, then getting close to someone can make you feel very vulnerable. Will they still love me if they really get to know me?

But, what if your partner is the one who is struggling with hurtful,…

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