Can You Get Social During a Pandemic? Here Are 4 Ways


Human beings need connections. It’s how we are built. Our brains need consistent bonding and nurturing, which we can only get from interacting with other people. But right now, this is a need that’s been put on the sidelines, as people’s ability to connect is limited by the distancing recommendations.

Some people are lacking in some of the most basic of activities, like going out with your family to dinner, hugging a dear friend, or having that first date which may end up in a first kiss. All of these things have been put on pause, and even if you didn’t realize before how much you need them, you are likely feeling the repercussions of being without them.

It’s perfectly normal because it is our nature. According to the psychiatric authors of A General Theory of Love, “We are attached to keep our brains on track.” Our brains…

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