Compassion Is Also About Extending Love To Those That Don’t Understand


I was a community organiser for several years. Part of that job was to thrust myself into communities and create some cohesion between the residents. I miss that job. I remember that to entice people over I would cook everyone that came in a bacon roll. I’d waft the smell out of my kitchen and stand outside eating my roll.

Want a free bacon roll? Well, you had to come in and talk with me first — that was the hook.

It was tough getting people in, you know. Downtrodden communities are always filled with wealth disparity from the larger populace, and wild disinterest. Disinterest in almost anything. This is why I was there — to just get people doing something other than the daily grind of work / home / work. If I know anything, success starts with the interest in something. Anything.

And sticking at it.

So here I was, offering free bacon rolls to passers by in exchange…

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