Conflict in Relationships Isn’t the Root of All Evil


There is a misconception that conflict in relationships is the root of all relationship demise. Watching a couple fight, it may seem that way.

Steph: “Our house is always a chaotic mess!”

Julian: “It’s not my fault, I don’t have time to do everything.”

Steph: “You mean the dirty clothes you leave on the floor outside the bathroom? Even our son puts away his clothes. I’m glad he didn’t turn out to be a slob like you.”

Julian: (Large sigh) “That’s because you scream at him if he doesn’t. No one can ever be clean enough for you.”

This couple is caught in a pattern of defensiveness, personal attacks, and contempt. But how did their relationship get to such a nasty place?

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A research study that followed 168 couples for 13 years discovered that the number one predictor of why couples split was not…

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