Couples and Differing Social Distancing Ideologies


Summer is close.  The warm weather beckons.  He wants to get together with a big group for a BBQ in someone’s yard, not worrying so much about wearing masks or if it spills inside.  She feels strongly about maintaining 6 ft distance from others, wearing face coverings and staying outside.  He’s feeling caged with COVID-19 fatigue and missing social connections.  She feels a similar fatigue but is more focused on remaining cautious  around the virus for now.  They argue and it causes a rift.  He is frustrated.  She feels unvalidated and alone in her fear.


As a couple they’ve been pushing out socially, practicing social distancing, enjoying the contact.  Their children are also monitored, having limited and safe contact with only a few kids.  The parents have a medium size group over for a party outside in the yard during Memorial Day weekend, in theory meant to be…

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