Courage and Dating: How to Untangle the Intricate Web


Part of dating successfully is making good decisions; you can hardly expect yourself to do that if you’re wracked with nerves and anxiety throughout the entire process. This means that courage is integral to any healthy love life.

Think about it: when do you move forward to the next level with a relationship? Are you able to speak up and say “no” when you’re not quite ready to take that step, even if that means you risk losing out on another date? On the other hand, are you brave enough to take the next step even though you’re afraid you could get hurt? Sometimes it’s tough to tell if you need an extra dose of courage, or if you just need more time to get to know the man you’re dating.

Certain women have a habit of constantly telling themselves to let loose and go for it, only to get burned in the long run. On the opposite…

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