Deadly Things Men Will do Just to Sleep With a Girl or Sex Her


I will go through what men want in bed, and things Men Will Do Just To Sex a girl. Because Some girl is complaining of heartbreak and always ask how they will know that a man is the real man and not the one who still wants to sleep with a girl and go, they always ask how to understand that a man genuinely loves them. Well, the truth is that is difficult to know such men or to know the real guys, but there are few things I will discuss here that will help you to understand the real guy and also help you remember those men who want to sleep with a girl, which will make you heartbreak and then go.

Deadly Sins or Things Men Will do Just to Sleep With a Girl or Sex Her

Deadly Sins or Things Men Will do Just to Sleep With a Girl or Sex Her


Some guys who love you will be patient to wait for you before they have slept with a girl. Still, a play guy or that man who just wants to sleep with you will also be patient too, but the difference or the thing you will use to know the real guy among them is that the playboy can never stay few months without double dating or having another girl. For you to catch him, you need to monitor him well and spend the most time with him, or you mark him, it is a guy who loves you and needs you in his life, he will see it as nothing and even love to stay with you but try not to lose guard because if you can stand firm as a playboy or man, he must quit.

A man who just want to sleep with, will not allow you to just stay with him without sleeping with you and due to that he must always give you an excuse for him not to be with you always, he may give up all if you continue to disturb for you not to spoil his date with other girls.


Although the man that love will also pet you but the playboy do have a sweet voice more, even from the first time you meet him, he will start with the soft voice and call you all the cute names with a very relaxed and more sexy voice, to make you fall for him. So be very careful, and don’t fall easily for those guys who start from the first day with sweet voice and names to attract you.

Marriage Promise.

This is one of the deadly sins or thing some guys do, so you need to be very careful with such man that came to you and promise to marry you, please look well especially if you are healthy and haven’t sex with him you need to be careful, some will be very clever and notice that you won’t allow them to have sex with you and will them promise you to marry you, for you to lose and free your heart because they know that girls are moved by what they hear.

Due to that, he will promise you to marry you and then make you lose yourself for them to get what they want, so please be very careful with such men because once they sleep with you, they will start looking for excuse and fault they will find and use against you as what you do. They break your heart and go, so try to be very careful.


Beg for a visit at his home or hotel.

There is something one guy said to me one day. That any girl he wants to marry is not good for him to take the girl to the hotel and sleep with her or sex her, so with this, I believe you understand a point I want you to see here. Because if you meet a guy for the first time or some days, and all he cares for is for you to visit him at home or hotel.

Then know that such men will not or may not last in your life because once they get what they want from a girl, they will leave her and go. So I advise that you should be very careful when you visit or how you visit a man because the majority of them will try to do anything possible to sleep with you or sex you when you visit them, some will even try to put a mood that you can never resist or that you will find it hard to resist. So please be careful.

Gift and money.

Try to be careful when collecting and accepting money and gifts from men because most playboy knows that some girls love money so much, so they will then try to give them more money and present to get them and sleep with them. So be very careful with the cash and gift you receive from a man or don’t even collect at all to be more at the safer side because you may decide to pity him and accept him as a friend without knowing that you are falling for his trap.

Force to drug or give you drink.

You need to take caution of this, especially when you visit a guy at his home or hotel because some guys are evil, and their hunger to sleep with a girl will make them do anything just to get what they want. There are some guys when you visit them, they offer you soft drinks but will put a drug that makes a girl have a hunger for sex, for them to take advantage of the girl.

Hence, you need to be very careful, the way you visit a man in his house or hotel and be mindful of the things you take or drink when you are with a man, if you know that you don’t drink alcoholic drinks or that your head can’t carry an alcoholic beverage, please don’t take it for some will use that time to take advantage of you.

“Deadly Sins or Things Men Will do Just to Sleep With a Girl or Sex Her.”

what men want in bed and things Men Will Do Just To Sex a girl
Deadly Sins or Things Men Will do Just to Sleep With a Girl or Sex Her


There are many other things or ways to know a playboy who just wants to sleep with a girl or sex her, But this is these are the once I think that is more deadly than others, so be very careful the way you associate and accept a man as your friend and for you to be at safer side advice you to move along with more reasonable male friends, for them to help and guidance you too.

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