Do You Have a Battle Buddy to Help You During the Pandemic?


The pandemic right now is causing everyone some degree of stress. Many people are facing extraordinary amounts of stress at the moment, though you may not be in that camp. But do you know which camp you’re in?

Make sure you aren’t minimizing or dismissing any worries or anxieties you are feeling, even if you do know other people are going through “worse” things than you. Maybe you haven’t lost your job, or you and everyone you know is perfectly healthy and fine, but that doesn’t mean your worries are unjustified. Be honest about what you’re feeling, and see if you need more support.

If you’re single and alone at home, you may be feeling isolated or lonely, especially since right now you can’t even leave your house and rely on your usual social contacts. If you’re living with a partner or have close friends or family…

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