Feeling Understood Or Not Understood And How To Deal With It


That feeling of euphoria when someone understands you. Mmmm. Whether though their words or actions, feeling understood makes you feel noticed, loved and safe. On the other hand, when someone shows you they don’t understand you, God damn it can be so painful. Done repeatedly, it can damage relationships, make you feel miserable, even lonely, and it can make you question a lot. Your own worth, your own reality, that relationship, and why the person is treating you that way. Sometimes it’s their jealousy, sometimes it’s their passive aggressive way of telling you they don’t like you, sometimes it’s because they’re not paying attention.

Before you even decipher the reason behind their behaviour, you’re hit with the feelings that come with it. Once you stabilise yourself back to level-headedness and clarity, you may put the thought to bed – or so you think you have – and…

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