How to Be Inspired by Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the #NotoriousRBG


Sadly, we recently lost Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She was and always will be an inspiration. She fought hard throughout her career to ensure that we have all equal rights under the law.

We are forever grateful for her courage and strength to stand up for the less fortunate and we’ll try to learn as much as possible from the way she lived her life.

Why Ruth Bader Ginsburg Was a Model and Inspiration

Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a brilliant and fearless woman who made legal history when she was in her 20’s despite facing serious obstacles. She worked her way to becoming the second woman to be a Supreme Court Justice when she was 60. From her seat, she fought against all types of discrimination that came before her. She is the reason why women now can get a mortgage and why we are making strides towards equal pay.

These outstanding achievements…

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