How to Find Love after 50: 7 Proven Secrets


If you’re over 50, you’re not a newbie in the relationship department. Perhaps you’ve been married in the past, or simply had a string of unsuccessful relationships; in any case, if you find yourself single now, you likely feel like you’re starting from scratch. The good news is, your life experience will aid you in finding love again.

Dating When You’re Older Is a Whole Different Ball Game

You’re not 20 anymore, and some of the romantic sheen has probably worn away from your ideal of love. Maybe you’ve been hurt in the past, or maybe you’re doubtful that it’s even possible to find love at your age. Now that you’ve been independent for some time, you might find it difficult to make compromises; you’re probably comfortable in your routine, and allowing someone to step in and shake things up is decidedly…

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