How To Tell Someone You’re In Love With Them


Do you love someone but you don’t know how to the person. “How to tell someone you’re in love with them”

Are you already with someone but don’t know how to tell the person you love him or her more than he or she thinks.

Well relax for I will show you today how to tell someone you’re in love with them. So without wasting much time let me go straight to the point.

How To Tell Someone You’re In Love With Them

1. Be sure you truly love the person.

Before telling someone you love him or her. Try to make sure that there are truly the feelings of love in you. Make sure that the love is pure. Instead read on signs you’re in love to be sure that you are truly in love with the person.

2. Go and tell the person.

Stop waiting for long and be dying in your heart. Just go to the person and tell him or her your feelings, be bold he or she won’t kill you neither will he beat you. “How to tell someone you’re in love with them”

The highest the person can do is to say No and you look another person to give your love if the person insists, so go now and tell him or her and stop delaying it.

3. Tell the person face to face.

Yes there is social Medias online but is not advisable to use it. Telling the person face to face is the best, so that you will be looking at the person and he or she will see the love in you.

So look for a private and perfect place that will be very cool and at least a little bit privacy for you two.

“How to tell someone you’re in love with them”

How to tell your partner you love him or her.

To be honest on this, words is not just enough to say I love you but instead do the following listed below.

  1. Show concern and care to the person.
  2. Show appreciation on anything that he or she do.
  3. Surprise the person at times with gifts or things that he or she loves.
  4. Advice and help him or her out when in need.
  5. Be that best friend that they ever wanted to have.
  6. Give all the attention and make him or her most important thing in your life.
  7. Try to always make yourself available anytime.

“How to tell someone you’re in love with them”

Other ways to say I love you without using the word “I LOVE YOU”

This got me thinking: how can we let people know we care, beyond simply saying “I love you?”

I decided to make a list of some expressions that we can all say more often to family, friends, partners, and even colleagues. Perhaps you could use one of these each week for the next year.

1. You are very special to me.

2. I always feel amazing each time I spend with you.

3. I feel safe sharing any of my secrets with you.

4. I accept you the way you are.

5. I always understand how you feel.

6. I will always be there when you need my help.

7. It is always fun to me when I am with you.

8. I feel like holding your hand?

9. Can I give you a warm hug?

10. You are one of the most amazing gifts I have ever received nature gives me.

11. I value everything you have taught me since I meet you

12. The insights you have shared with me mean the world to me.

13. I always feel it when your heart sings because it makes my heart to sing too.

14. I am very thankful to have you in my life.

15. I wish to go anywhere with you.

These are the way to show someone you love him or her and also the way to say and express it to the person.

If you still have some guide, questions and anything to contribute then let us know through the comment section.

“How to tell someone you’re in love with them”

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