How Understanding with Activism Can Create Change


“In every generation, white people have said there is not a racial problem and people of color have said there is. History has proven [the people of color] right.” – Tim Wise

Trigger warnings: This article, at times, describes racism, trauma, abuse, and violence that happens to human bodies, with a focus on the bodies of Black and Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC).

My 12-year-old client and his father were sitting across from me. The dad states, “You’re coming of an age where the world will make you grow up. Especially the police. They will treat you differently. They will accuse you first, then ask questions. It’s not as safe for people like us and I need you to understand that.”

I hear the terror in this Black father’s voice as I watch my client’s eyes look to the floor as his head drops.

“This sucks to talk about and in our world this is true,” I say, realizing…

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