I enjoy a little sportsbook with my crypto.


For those of you that haven’t been paying attention, recently I have been trying to tell my friends, my followers, those that love me, and even those that hate me that crypto is the way forward.


Because automation is taking over that’s why. Only just yesterday I saw a robotic hand flipping burgers. Yup, that’s absolutely no joke. A hand that is flipping burgers. And make no qualms about it, you can complain as much as you like or try and push back against the inevitable tides of change, but we’re going into a world where fewer than ever humans are needed for a days work than ever.

The solution? Get into crypto.

Crypto is a booming industry and still in it’s infancy, and whilst governments and outreach centers are telling you that everything will be fine and to keep going as you are, people like me (and hopefully you) are paving the way for the next generation of work & sustainable earnings.

How to start? Get yourself on a gambling website. That’s an easy start. You really don’t need to use much, just to give you a fundamental understanding of how crypto works. Something like wink sportsbook review should give you a great idea of what to expect. Bet on some games or horses with some bitcoin. It’s really exciting.

I’ll tell you a story.

It had been a hard day at work, and coincidentally I had gotten myself involved with Payday lenders that had absolutely no qualms about phoning me at my work. Work wasn’t paying the bills fully (I bet most of you are feeling the pinch right now, right?), and I had just about reached the end of my tether when it came to the 9-5 day job. That’s the same day my friend had told me that he had mined himself 300,000 Doge coin and was going to swap it for a bitcoin.

Now for those of you in the know, this was when bitcoin was only $400 and rising, not at $20,000 as we saw in 2018, no, but still, he had my ears open and had introduced me to a world of wonder that I had never seen before. New money, and it was exciting.

Of course I was like anyone with not much money to their name and a bag of hope and stars in my eyes. I invested £20 in the first thing that I saw in the hopes of being a billionaire. Of course it never happened, and since then I’ve went through an absolute magnitude of life lessons, but one thing is for sure is that I learned that the way forward is crypto.

Of course banks and traditional money outlets are struggling hard to hold on because, well, it’s essentially a loss of power to them. So you won’t be able to trade Bitcoin at your local bank, or you wont be able to ask your local bank teller for some Tron. However there are people ready and willing to exchange their money for some cold hard bitcoin (and some people make a living from it).

So why did I give you a link to wink sportsbook review? Mostly because the gambling sector has a large hold over bitcoin and the likes, and that most of us that hold onto some cryptocurrency enjoy a bit of a gamble. If you want to earn yourself some free bitcoin then you’ll more than likely stumble across some sort of gambling website with a bitcoin faucet attached to it.

It’s a good way to earn free bitcoin, and also a great way to learn how to use it at the same time. And if you’re a bit like me and my friends, having a gamble yourself. I do like the feeling that it gives me to bet on a winning football match.

Of course when I say free bitcoin, I don’t essentially mean a whole bitcoin for free, because that would be stupid — the free bitcoin that you are most likely to get from some sites are fractions of pennies worth, but in doing so it will give you a solid foundation and an in-roads to a community that you know nothing about.

And it’s a great way to have some fun too; risk some of your bitcoin to gain some more. And of course these sites DO pay. And not making up some excuse that they can’t pay you which I have heard from the mainstream websites.

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