Indian boy of 16 falls in love with classmate


Next on the AMA pedestal we have Mr Indian boy, who asks:

Sir, I am an Indian boy of age 16…presently I don’t live in my hometown…But I have a crush on a girl who was my classmate…being a boy from small town and conservative family I couldn’t propose her that time.
I love her from class 4 but from the last two years I haven’t met her…we just chat in social network…I supported her..Now she thinks me as her bestfriend and she is going to be in a relationship soon as a boy of her tution has proposed her…Most of the times I become sad nowadays…now in a big city all of my friends are in relationship but I can’t see this..I never looked for another girl…please tell me how to deal with it? I want her as a life partner 

Hi Mr Indian! Thanks for sending in your question. I’ll get right on with answering it.

At 16 your emotions are probably firing off like a…

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