Is he in love with me? Undeniable signs he’s caught the feels


Is he in love with me? Love is a sticky messy thing. There are several different kinds of love, and to confuse things on top of all that, people love in their own weird ways.

I went through a stage in my life at one point where I would become really obsessed with women. If you asked me back then if I was in love I would have told you that yes, absolutely. But although experts tell us that obsessional love isn’t healthy — wouldn’t it be awesome if we could all wave our magical wands and become healthy? In an ideal world.

Sometimes some of us can only love in the only way that we know how, be that obsessional, sexual, distant, healthy or the variety of others out there. It’s how we get by in life.

So I’ve compiled a little list of “general” ways in which men fall in love with women. Mainly through my own experience of course, and from what I’ve observed through…

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