Is It True Love? 7 Signs to Know for Sure


When you first dive into the tumultuous waters of a budding potential relationship, your emotions can be confusing; you may start to feel attached and attracted to a new man almost immediately, but it’s too early to know in those fledgling days whether the relationship has the legs to go the distance. Could these feelings merely be infatuation, or perhaps lust? Or is this true love?

There are some telltale signs to help you distinguish between these different emotions. If you’re infatuated with a man, you likely can’t get enough of him—you may feel that you have a ravenous hunger for his presence that can’t be satiated. While this feeling could develop into true love, it may never become anything more than infatuation—only time will tell.

Lust is a purely carnal connection based on physical attraction. Do you love to look at…

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