Is It What You Expect?


Dependency in a relationship can feel suffocating.

Sometimes we lose our sense of self in our partner.  We can feel a love so deep, it can be as if we’ve become one with our partner and the universe.  It’s a unique, fairy-tale experience, and it’s what psychologists call a collapse of the ego state.

The benefit is just that – we surrender our ego.

The repercussions of having low self-esteem make us fear the loss of our value, and we invest that in another person. Dependency in relationships starts to arise, and some will try and control the situation of their relationships through force or manipulation.

When we are alone, it’s easy to recognize our boundaries. What do you like? What don’t you like?

But love always complicates things, including our sense of self.

Numerous studies show that once we become attached to someone, the two of us form one physiological unit. Our…

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