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Something really interesting happens when you’re forced to slow down.  One thing, you get creative.

As the new way of living in social distancing rolls into the third week, I’m noticing myself doing things differently as I move around in my home.  The pressure to be anywhere isn’t there.  I’m more mindfully attending to the dishes in the sink and fully cleaning the kitchen without preoccupation with what else needs to be done.  I’m doing things I normally would like to but those things typically stay on the bottom of my to-do lists; like art and baking.  I’m appreciating humor now more than ever which is plentiful now in the form of memes, YouTube videos and the like.

On Twitter, there is a hashtag making the rounds called #IsolationLife and people from all over the world are sharing the things they are doing while in self-quarantine.  It’s clear people are…

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