It’s Time to Talk About the Grief


Now’s the time to talk about an uncomfortable topic for many.


Grief is so uncomfortable that many struggle to know what to say to someone experiencing the grief of a sudden, soul-crushing loss.  But grief can also sneak up on you.  The unfolding coronavirus pandemic is a set-up for this as people can initially be more aware of the other normal responses to this abnormal situation such as shock, anger, fear, worry, stress and anxiety.

I heard grief whisper in my ear the first time several days ago when out walking with my family on a nearby fire road, as were others as they have been ritualistically doing every evening.  The experience of us all purposefully walking around each other to practice social distancing and the vague underlying energetic tension in the air hit home for me.

We must be physically separate which contradicts our drive for human connection.

I’ve also…

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