Lady Has Guy That’s Just Not Listening


Another Ask Me Anything Question. Indian lady asks:

Hey. Basically I have been with my boyfriend in a long distance relationship for almost 11months now. He lives in Philadelphia and I live in India. To start off by explaining how my boyfriend is, he is very suppressive in nature, he cares a lot about his friends and family but is very practical and kind of controlling, he is very dominating and intimidating in some ways, he is kind of entitled and very egoistic. With me on the other hand, I am overtly emotional, I feel things too deeply and I don’t mind putting in efforts. So, things have been really rocky for the last six months. I have tried speaking to him about his lack of efforts and he has the arrogant attitude of being always right and he is very nonchalant. Whenever I try to express my feelings he always resort to saying mean stuff like don’t do drama and come…

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