Life in Isolation: How to Work on Your Love Life When You Can’t Leave Home


The entire world has been touched by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in one way or another, but there’s no denying some people have been more hurt than others.

And you may be in this category. Maybe you lost a loved one or someone you know to this outbreak. Or, maybe you know someone who’s been exposed to the virus and tested positive. You may also constantly worry about friends and family members who are high at-risk, like the elderly or someone who is immunocompromised.

So you ask yourself: how can you keep yourself safe and protect your friends and family from contracting the virus and getting ill? Or worse, dying because of it? From official information, isolation seems to be the only way this is truly possible. This is why many government officials are recommending everyone stay indoors, and minimize social contact as much…

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