Man Can’t Forgive His Lying Wife


Next on the AMA pedestal is a sombre read from an American man.

Hi, I’ve been the same woman for 15 years and we have a 11 year old daughter. We move to Miami from New Jersey for a change that we both needed badly. Things were going well for us after the move and talking to a relationship coach. Then a male student started working at her office which she found attractive. She did not cheat or but she did lie to me because she says it was because she thought I would be jealous even though we never had a history of that. There is so much more to this but the point is I can not get over this because I feel I can’t trust her anymore. I’m lost.

Hi Mr America! Thanks for writing in. You’ll be pleased to know that my inbox was empty and I didn’t have anything else on so I got straight to this as I saw it.

Okay, let’s unpack this. There’s a lot there. Nice to see that…

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