Marriage Is an Exclusive Club: Want to Be a Member?


Marriage as an institution is evolving. Back in the days, it was all about property and procreation while nowadays the focus has moved on to companionship, love, and equal partnership. Marriage is also one of those topics everyone has an opinion about. Some think that it’s no longer necessary, that it contributes to the oppression of women, or that it has been hurt by modern lifestyles. Others see it as the epitome of love and are eager to live happily ever after.

But, regardless of your stance on the topic, some facts are clear: marriage rates are decreasing in recent years and there is much less stigma about being single than there used to be.

Sure, living together is perfectly fine and you can still get some benefits of a long term relationship. But, does marriage give you anything that cohabitation does not? I say yes.

Marriage Is…

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