Old Fashioned Romance Is Back in Style and That’s Actually a Good Thing


Our current adventures with social distancing have truly changed the life of a single person looking for a relationship. In a way, it completely turned it upside down.

If you’re the kind of person used to looking for hookups or basing all your connections on physical chemistry, which rely on you meeting the guy face to face, these days you may be facing a complete halt in your usual activities. Now, you may even be looking for a good conversation with a guy, maybe even some form of companionship as the entire world seems disconnected at the moment.

But answer this: how’s that going? These days, video chatting or texting is the only truly safe way to keep dating. But, if you started on this path, you probably realized the old-fashioned way is a much easier method to see if the guy you’re dating might be compatible with you or not….

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