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“Pseudotumor cerebri” happens when the intracranial pressure ( the pressure inside the skull), when that pressure increases without any reason. 

It’s either you call it pseudotumor, or you can also call it idiopathic intracranial hypertension.

Pseudotumor cerebri can happen both in children and adults, but mostly for obsessed people, especially women who are still at the age of childbearing. So it’s not meant only for the children but also for the adults.

This disorder is related to high blood pressure in the brain, which can cause brain tumor symptoms. This pseudotumor is also benign tumor hypertension.

Pseudotumor occurs when there’s an abnormal accumulation of cerebrospinal fluids surrounding the brain and the Spinal cord. It can be a result of an increase in fluid production or a decrease in liquid absorption.


Classification of pseudotumor cerebri

Pseudotumor cerebri is classified in three ways.

  1. Chronic classification
  2. Acute classification
  3. Idiopathic classification


  • Chronic classification of pseudotumor cerebri means, the underlying cause of the problem. The symptoms that have been developed, which triggers the health problem.
  • Acute classification of pseudotumor cerebri means a sudden symptom that occurs. It’s an immediate response to the problem.
  • Idiopathic classification of pseudotumor cerebri means, the unknown cause of the problem. It means the unknown or unspecified cause of it.


Symptoms of pseudotumor cerebri

The possible things which pseudotumor cerebri can cause include- 


This happens in many ways, and it can be as a result of pseudotumor, causing you not to be seeing clearly or even not able to see at all.. when you notice this, try to visit your doctor.


Your neck might not be able to be turning correctly again. There will be a kind of stiffness around your neck.


  • Forgetting things regularly

Often forgetting of things isn’t a good sign of healthiness. Visit your doctor if the signs repeat itself.


The brain is also connected to the eyes, so what affects the brain may as well touched the orb. Do be mindful of your vision.


The feeling of depression is a good sign of unhealthiness. So take your time in examining things to know when something is getting out of hand.


You feel as if you want to vomit, or even you are continually vomiting without any good reason for it. Go for a check-up and meet your doctor.


Dizziness even when you found yourself healthy. Try to see a health care provider for sone check-up. Remember, your health is your wealth.


You might be having a severe headache at the back of your head or around the upper area of your head. A constant feeling of headache is one of the sure signs of pseudotumor cerebri. So take note of it and do not hesitate to meet your doctor.


Ringing in your ears even when no one is doing so near your ears or around. You will start to be noticing done kind of noise and sounds in your ears.


Feeling of pain at the back, hear, and parts of your body. And it keeps on repeating itself all the time.


The risk factors of pseudotumor cerebri


The people that are obsessed are likely to get pseudotumor than those that are not—especially those women who are at the stage of childbearing.


Certain medications can trigger the presence of pseudotumor cerebri. Such medicine can include-


  1. Too much vitamin A
  2. The use of tetracycline
  3. Growth hormone.


Treatment of pseudotumor cerebri

Treatment can vary depending on the cause of the abnormal fluid. The treatment includes-


  1. Reduce the level of salt intake in your diet. That is, eat less salt.
  2. Eat a lot of diets that will help in building up the hormone responsible for the brain.
  3. Engage in some weight loss plans. Choose better exercise suitable for you to lose weight effectively.
  4. Undergo a spinal tap to remove unnecessary fluid or pressure.
  5. Make use of diuretic that will help in getting rid of extra fluid.


How to prevent pseudotumor cerebri

Engage yourself in some weight loss plan since obesity is one of the most significant risks to pseudotumor. So join a ketogenic plan or walk out team can help prevent the risk of pseudotumor.

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