Teenage Girl Starts To Like Boy During Lockdown


Next Up! A very articulate young lady that is having a mental dilemma with a boy. She writes:

Hey, I’m a teenage girl and I’ve always been on a fairly lucky side of social status. Any crush I had has been mutual and it doesn’t take much effort, but I took a year-long break from relationships to focus on becoming a better person/student.

I started liking this boy and he’s a friend of mine. We would joke around, but we’re not necessarily the best of friends. Because of COVID-19, we’ve been attending a lot of conference calls together (with the rest of our classmates) and I often text him while we’re calling. I’ve caught him blushing at his screen and suppressing a smile more than once.

There are a lot of factors though. I found out my best friend and ex are dating…he got out of a relationship a month ago…we haven’t met in person for a loooong time because…

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