The Golden Rule You Need to Know to Simplify Your Love Life


It’s human nature to want to be challenged, but it doesn’t always work out when that challenge comes from your love life. A little bit of mystery and uncertainty can spark the fires of love and attraction, and too much can translate to unrequited love. But how can you stay on the right side of love?

Simple: Choose Men Who Choose You

Take Hannah’s story here. Does it sound familiar?

Hannah and John met online. They first talked through video chats, but Hanna felt very comfortable with John and decided she was ready to meet him in person. Even if John wasn’t.

You could say Hannah was really into John. He seemed like the kind of man she was looking for: handsome, funny, and successful. He lived nearby, and when they talked, sparks of chemistry flew. Hannah decided he was the right guy for her and invited him to do things together….

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