The Universal Language Of Your Guardian Angels


The profession of a soothsayer, priest, augur, seer or fortune teller has been considered profitable and honorable at all times. Although there is no logic in this: an average person simply cannot believe that someone has the abilities that they do not have.

However, if a situation is critical and there is nowhere else to go and no one else to turn to, a logical distrust to the ability to see the future is replaced by awe, a feeling of contact with the great secrets of the universe. So we listen to the words of the “prophet”, hearing almost the voice of God in them.

But this is true only if one perceives foresight precisely as a gift that one in a hundred thousand people has. If we consider it as a well-developed professional skill, then it will soon become clear that there is very little enigmatic and mysterious in prophecy.

Do the psychics see the signs that elude other people’s attention? They certainly do. But it is you who give most of these signs to the psychic. As a result, the role of an augur is reduced to reading these signs, systematizing the received information, and offering you logical conclusions.

You came to a fortune teller, and this in itself gives her comprehensive information about both the features of your character and the situation that has developed in your life. All the missing details will appear when you talk about what led you to her.

Out of the corner of her eye, the fortune teller looks at the cards (into a coffee cup, into your palm) – it directs the movement of her thoughts. But her main focus is on your behavior. For example, if you show nervousness, inability to cope with emotions, she will easily “predict” you big problems as a result of impulsive, rash actions, and she will be right with a probability of 9/1.  

So the opinion of professionals can be trusted in general. However, there is another, much more reliable way to fix the problem before it appears. The universe cares about the well-being of each of its creations, and it has enough warning signs for everyone.

It is enough to learn to see the signs concerning you. You do not need any special gifts for this. You just need an attentive attitude to everything that happens in your life, elementary logic, and figurative, associative thinking.

The most common and most readable sign of heaven are the multi-digit numbers, which periodically attract our attention. Back in the 16th century, an English mathematician, mystic and astrologer John Dee wrote about it, claiming that the numbers with certain characteristic features are a universal language that the guardian angels use to communicate with people.

The category of the so-called Angel Numbers includes multi-digit numbers, in which there are paired (808, 7070), double (660, 0770), repeating (555, 2222), or sequential (345, 1234) digits. The main feature of an Angel Number is that it begins to attract your attention at the right time.

As for the meaning of the messages enclosed in such numbers, it will become obvious as soon as you master the basic knowledge of numerology. Having moved a little further, you will be able to read the angelic messages quite easily.

Below you can read the interpretations of some of the numbers that catch the eye of those who keep track of time with the help of a smartphone, or the numbers in the lower right corner of the monitor, or wear a watch with an electronic dial.

  1. This combination of numbers invariably brings a smile to the faces of the uninitiated. However, this number cannot be called a sign of good luck that will come out of nowhere.

You will have to take the initiative in your area of ​​activity and work hard to be successful. Even so, you are not guaranteed adequate reward for your work if you lose faith in yourself.

  1. The time has come to think about those who depend on you, financially, first of all. If you feel that you do not have enough money to meet their needs, you will have to find a solution to this problem.

Demand a pay rise, be persistent and unyielding. Take on extra work as compensation. It will be a reasonable compromise, as indicated by the two Twos.

  1. This combination of digits suggests that in the near future you will have to fight for a place in the sun. The guardian angels expect your firmness, assertiveness, and ingenuity at the same time.

The latter quality will allow you to avoid direct collisions caused by conflicts of interest. But if you fail, be ready to fight to the bitter end.

  1. This number contains a message that should cheer you up. The angels promise that in the near future your any undertaking will hit the bull’s-eye if you make the necessary efforts to implement it.

Therefore, you most likely won’t have to worry about your daily bread. No matter how external circumstances develop, nothing threatens your well-being.

  1. The situation may develop in such a way that new opportunities will open before you. However, in order to climb up a step on the career ladder, you will most likely have to move place. Moreover, you will face a very difficult choice.

It is not your mind or intuition, but your imagination that will help you make a decision. Try to imagine in detail what changes you should wait for if you move, and what comes about if you stay. One of these two imaginary pictures will probably be much brighter.

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