This Is How You Can Get Closer to Your Relationship Goals


It’s official: 5% of 2020 is already gone. And since the new year is a time where most people set new goals in their lives, it’s worth taking a look at your relationship goal. Do you feel like you’ve accomplished at least 5% yet?

Though January is that time of year to set goals, it seems most people don’t stick to them. Around 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by the second week of February. Why does this happen? Is everyone just too tired from the epic New Year’s party that they just don’t have the energy to focus on their goals?

No, it’s obviously not that. In fact, it’s because of the way they (and you, probably) approach these goals. Answer this: are you shooting for the stars? Meaning, are you wanting to accomplish too much too soon?

Why You Can’t Have It All at Once

Humans are creatures of habit. It’s…

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