Tip 1 For Good Mental Health During Self-isolation & Social Distancing


With coronavirus forcing us to shift our way of living so profoundly and so quickly, it may feel stressful and it may give rise to anxiety. To help keep you happy, healthy and resilient, during self-isolation or social distancing (depending on where in the world you are), check out these science-backed tips. You can easily implement them into your everyday life and you can easily share these ideas with family and friends and engage in them with your family at home whilst you self-isolate. I will share one tip at a time to make it manageable rather than overwhelming as too much information overload can itself be overwhelming and cause anxiety. Also, this way, with one tip shared at a time, you can really think about each one and put it into practise easily, notice how it changes your emotions and resilience, and then just keep adding to your good mental health habits repertoire, one…

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