Tip 2 For Good Mental Health During Self-isolation & Social Distancing


The first article in this series detailed my first tip for maintaining good mental health during social distancing and self-isolation: ‘Think and communicate helpful thoughts that serve you and mankind’.

Always remember, anything we do repeatedly becomes a habit that we wire into our brain (build neural pathways in the brain for) so just keep displacing negative thoughts and words and replace them with positive thoughts and words all day, throughout the day, as consistently as you can. Do this, and eventually it will come naturally as that is the habit you will have ‘programmed’ your brain for. More on that and all my tips, in the books and available when having coaching sessions with me (Skype video coaching sessions currently 20% off).

Now, for tip two.

Tip 2: Soothe stress and anxiety symptoms

Coronavirus brings so much stress, fear and anxiety about dealing with the here…

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