Tip 3 For Good Mental Health During Self-isolation & Social Distancing


Now for the third instalment of tips for good mental health during self-isolation and social distancing…

Tip 3: Connect with loved ones

People are powerful. They can empower us or disempower us; raise or lower our self-worth, make us feel appreciated or unappreciated; feel safe (emotionally, physically, financially) or unsafe; and they can intentionally care for us or intentionally hurt us. People are very powerful.

In fact, a wealth of research highlights that people with good-quality, close relationships and those who feel well connected with other human beings are happier, physically healthier and live longer. [1] On the flip side, negative relationships can damage our health and that feeling lonely can actually shorten our lifespan. [2]

Research into happiness building strategies that work also highlights that one of four key activities that build our happiness is socialising. [3]…

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