Tip 4 For Good Mental Health During Self-isolation & Social Distancing


So, the previous tip for good mental health during self-isolation and social distancing was about connecting with people but Tip 4 is about self-care and that sometimes means disconnecting! Sometimes we need to disconnect from people and the demands that healthy (and unhealthy) relationships naturally place on our time, energy and focus. Yes positive relationships are linked to our happiness, health and longevity but balance is important and a positive relationship with yourself is equally important. You can’t be there for all people all the time and not be there just for yourself. Self-care or caring for yourself allows you to rest, recharge and rebuild your energy reserve, and only then can you be there for others in the best way possible, too.

Find yourself getting unnecessarily short-tempered with loved ones? Maybe you just need some me-time. Getting overly worried about things…

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