What Does It Mean When A Guy Initiates A Hug?


I understand as a woman; you are trying to understand a man and the meaning of his actions. So if you are here to know why a guy will hug you first, then relax for you in the right place to learn about all that, and I will not only tell you why a guy hugs you first, but I will also tell you the things you will do that will make a guy hug you first and have feelings about you.

Now let me go straight to say to you the meaning of ” what does it mean when a guy initiates a hug?” And I promise to explain all in a way that you can easily understand it all. Try to also read what makes a man leave his wife for another woman to learn things you should avoid when you are with your man.

What Does It Mean When A Guy Initiates A Hug?

It means that he has feelings about you, and those feelings are what he can’t hide anymore. If he hugs you first, then it the easiest way for him to use and explain to you his compassion and love towards you. If you are with a guy and he hugs you first, know that he loves you so much and can’t hide it anymore. Because it is another way that a man uses to explain to a woman how much he cares about her. 

He hugs you because his heart feels like words can’t be enough to explain his feelings and affection towards you. And it can also be a sign of him telling you that he wants you in his life. So bear in mind that he loves and cares about you. 

Why would a guy initiate a hug?

A guy hugs you first when you do something or when their is a character that you express towards him that moves his emotions or feelings towards you. It only takes true feelings and emotions for him to initiate hug.

What does it mean when a guy initiates a hug?”

How to make a guy hug you first and fall in love with you.

Do you have a guy in mind that you want to win his heart? Then I have a straightforward trick for you to try out, and you will make him fall for you.

Learn more about him and things that make him happy, and try to do those things that he loves and avoid the ones that he hates.

What Does It Mean When A Guy Initiates A Hug?

If you are the type that doesn’t respect a man, it will be hard for you then to get the man. So learn to respect him and his decision.

  • Respect and value yourself as a woman.

Please don’t make a mistake of disrespecting yourself or taking your value and respect as nothing to be with him. Instead, show yourself some respect and try to make him understand that you deserve some respect. “What does it mean when a guy initiates a hug?”

What Does It Mean When A Guy Initiates A Hug?

Cooking is one of the things that men love most in a woman. So try to cook for him, especially his best meals if you want to get him.

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