What Does It Mean When A Guy Touches Your Breast While Kissing


Breasts are great creativity made by God Himself for everyone, especially the women. And everyone in one way or the other sucks breast from either your mother or any nursing mother and a girlfriend of you are a man. “What Does It Mean When A Guy Touches Your Breast While Kissing”

You see that breasts solve many problems and serve everyone provided that you are born from a woman. Guys love to suck and touch breasts a lot. So while they are kissing there girlfriend, they are bound to feel her bosoms on the process.

Kissing goes with an emotion band. It needs to be done between two persons who are in a relationship and also people that love each other very much. It is not a must that you must be in love with a guy before kissing can occur. 

At times kissing may occur even where there is no pure love or also love. But there must be attraction before kissing can take place.

Today we will be writing on the topic that says; “what does it mean when a guy touches your breast while kissing?” This question has so many ways of explaining it, so all you have to do is carefully read and understand it so that you know the reason behind a guy touching your breasts while kissing you.

What Does It Mean When A Guy Touches Your Breast While Kissing

  • When a guy touches your breasts while kissing you, he is interested in going far from kissing. He only needs your approval to go deeper because your response to the touches will be a chance for him to continue or not.
  • He is touching your breasts at the same kissing you, and it means that he wants to put you in the mood too. It’s a way of triggering the urge of what is about to come. Touching your breasts while kissing you is another way to show you how much he feels to be with you. 
  • Touching your breasts while kissing you is an uncontrollable act that a guy may try to avoid. Still, in some circumstances where the emotions are too high between you two, he might not be able to control his hands any longer unless you push him away.
  • It means that you both have known for few times, and your communication is emotional and sexy, which will make him touch your breasts while kissing you, but some guys don’t do like that unless you permit them to do it. It’s an act that needs a concept from you. Both of you decide to move deeper than kissing, that’s a way of showing you how he wanted you at that moment. Sometimes it doesn’t lead to sex, but most times, it leads to sex.
  • It’s a sign of intimacy.

The best reason why guys love touching your breasts.

The best reason why guys love touching your breasts

There are many reasons guys love your breasts, and those reasons will be disclosed to you right here and now.

The reason why guys love breasts

  • It is because breasts are beautiful, and it’s curved and attracting guys a lot, even though they also have breasts, but their own is not as lovely and curved as your own is as a woman.
  • Breasts make a woman complete. It’s a sign that shows how fertile a woman is, and it shows that she can feed your children. In case it both happens to be together as a life partner. So this reason is one of the reasons guys love breasts.
  • Breasts are perfect to touched. Looking at how beautiful breasts are and how firm it is on a woman. It gives a guy the urge to touch it. And for that, guys love breasts.
  • Breasts are soft and can serve as an excellent pillow to guys, especially when they are in a relationship.
  •  It is because breasts are more sensitive in women’s bodies. It has the highest romantic mood, an urge that is capable of changing the present situation to a romantic one. It’s a place that triggers a woman’s sex urge when touched, whether with mouth or with hands.
  • Guys love breasts because breasts are means of transferring information from you to him. For instance, when a woman is aroused, her nipples tend to rise and firm too. It’s a means of knowing when a woman is in the mood.
  • It eases stressed when they look at them. This is another reason why guys love breasts. Looking at breasts for some time automatically changes their thinking, especially when they had a bad day at work. So breasts help in giving them comfort.

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