What IS a real man? A Facebook question from an interested individual


A real man should always treat a woman with respect. A real man should always be forthright about his intentions. A real man should never use women as his emotional rehabilitation centre… yadda yadda blah blah insert typical Internet response about masculinity.

You’ve probably heard, or read this type of perfectionism everywhere on the internet. I mean I’m not saying that it’s not healthy to aspire to be a “good man,” but the truth of the matter is that it’s a whole lot more complex than that.

In theory, yes, a man should be all these things that you hear from the mainstream media, but in reality no-one can do perfection. I’ve tried it myself, and it doesn’t work. In fact, the harder you try to be perfect the bigger those gaping holes in your personality become.

No-one is perfect, everyone is a little jaded by their life experiences, and everyone messes up….

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