Why Do I Keep Dreaming About My Ex


Bothered about your recent dreams on your ex and want to know why all these happened? Do you keep seeing your ex in your dreams but don’t know why and want to know the reason why you keep seeing him or her in your dreams. Don’t worry if all these are troubling you because I got your back. “Why Do I Keep Dreaming About My Ex”

I will take a good time to explain it all to you in a way that you can easily understand the reason why you see your ex. I will also tell you steps to take to avoid such dreams. So relax your mind because you are in the right places to get the answers and solutions to your question. Now without wasting much of your time, let me answer the question.


Why Do I Keep Dreaming About My Ex


  • The feelings you have for your ex is still there.

Sometimes we may think that separating from someone will make us forget anything about the person, but the truth is this, you can run away but can’t run from the feelings that you have for him or her. And in a case like this, you will see that you will keep dreaming about the person because you still love and have feelings for him or her.

“Why Do I Keep Dreaming About My Ex”

  • You are afraid of the outcome of the new relationship.

Suppose there is something that hurt you in the previous relationship. It could also mean that is the reason why you keep dreaming about your ex because you are afraid of it happening again in future relationships. I advise you to take your time to identify the problem and look for how to avoid it in future relationships.


  • The way it ends between you two hurt you.

This happens especially when you feel guilty about the past. If you think or feel that way, the relationship between both of you ends is not right, or you believe that it doesn’t end well between the two of you that is when this kind of thing happens because you are still blaming yourself and thinking that you hurt him or her. Because of all these thoughts, you will see yourself dreaming about him or her.


  • It may be you fighting yourself.

It may not be your ex. It may be you that is fighting yourself because what you want and the right things you need to do for your relationship to be better, especially if you keep troubling yourself on how to make your current or future relationship better. If that keeps troubling you, that means you are the one fighting yourself in the dream and not about your ex.

“Why Do I Keep Dreaming About My Ex”

  • There is something around that reminds you of your past.

Is there anything about your ex that you still keep very close to you. If there is anything like that, it could also be the reason why you keep dreaming about him or her because each time you look at it is either you remember the person or your brain will remember the day you get the gift. Sometimes you may not have it in mind or may take it as nothing, but it’s the truth, and it could be the reason why you keep dreaming about him or her.


  • Your ex is the right person for you.

If none of this I said above is the reason, then consider this and think about it too, because it could also be the reason why you keep dreaming about him. I have seen a relationship that breaks up after many years and still gets back together and got married. Not just getting married but also live happily with each other. So think about it because he or she may be the right person for you.

“Why Do I Keep Dreaming About My Ex”

How to stop dreaming about your ex.

  • Avoid and remove things that will remind you of the person. No matter how small the thing is, try to make sure that you don’t keep close to where you are.
  • Don’t think it is your fault or feel guilty about the break up between the both of you. Even if it is your fault, try to keep thinking about it. I want you to understand that what has happened can’t be changed, instead of apologizing to him or her and him free.
  • Never you are afraid of the future relationship. Don’t hold yourself back because of what happened in the past, and this is a fresh and new beginning with more and good things in the future. So keep focus and think about how you can make it better than thinking about your past.
  • Start thinking about the things that you want and the things that will help you in life and make your plans according to that.
  • Set goals and plans for the things you want in the future.
  • Have plans on how to get a better person or make the person you are dating now as your present and how you can make things work out well between the two of you without being hurt or repeating the same mistake.

Finally, I want you to bear in mind that you can really stop the dreams and all about the past if only you can focus on the future and your current life now. Don’t think that you can live without the person, or that is your fault. All these happened for a reason, and there must be one or two things that you must learn from it. So try to avoid all this, and the dreams will stop because it’s all the reason why you dream about him or her.


Now I want to hear your own opinion or thought on this. If it also works for you, let me know. If you have any advice or contribution to do on this, you can do so in the comment section below.

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“Why Do I Keep Dreaming About My Ex”

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