Why Do Sagittarius Push Away Love


Sometimes in life, we have pushed people away from our life’s not knowing the actual reason behind your actions. Your zodiac sign can have an impact on the attitude that you may be possessing. “Why Do Sagittarius Push Away Love”

Sagittarius is one of the most people that push away. Love maybe because they might be curious to know what they want in a relationship and who is the right person for them.

Sagittarius is the people that like fun and love living their lives as they want it, but when they are being disappointed in a love relationship. They tend to be afraid of love, which will make them be pushing love away due to their desire to figure out what the future will have for him and the new person on the line, before accepting the love.

What you need to know while falling in love with a Sagittarius.

If you are falling for a Sagittarius, there are many things that you have to know about them, so that you won’t end up regretting or making a mistake that you may not be able to correct.

  • They don’t play with their freedom.

To fall in love with a Sagittarius, you must be sure that you have not come to control his or her freedom. They value their independence as their own life. So you should be ready to harbor that so that you won’t have issues with them. They don’t like to be played or toyed with in any way.

  • They can be extremely stubborn.

They are naturally stubborn, and this applies to all Sagittarius. When they are hurt, they can be unforgiving to show you how much your actions are hurting them. So if you want to fall for a Sagittarius, be ready to handle their stubbornness when it comes. “Why Do Sagittarius Push Away Love”

  • They take sex essential in their relationship.

Not that they can’t control themselves, but they sex as one of the things that can keep your intimacy tight in your relationship with them. They like to be happy in bed with you. They see sex as one of the greatest pleasure they can share with their partner because it makes them feel mental, spiritually, and physically complete.

Because they won’t like to hold on to any bad feelings of theirs, they want to move on fast and quick, that is why you won’t realize when they are hurt. You won’t know when they are hurts because they won’t tell you, but their actions will enlighten you about what their feelings were at that moment. So get ready to know how to control it so that you won’t end up hurting them over and over again.

  • They like enjoying it rather than struggling.

They prefer to take things slowly rather than struggling to get things done faster unless they are being encouraged and guided but not by force. Sometimes it will be hard to convince them due to their Natural stubbornness and don’t like to be controlled. But that doesn’t mean that they won’t listen to advice when you encourage them to struggle for survival. So get ready to handle that, if you want to fall for them.


How to make a Sagittarius man miss you.

How to make a Sagittarius man miss you

To make a Sagittarius man miss you, this is what you supposed to do so that you will walk your way into his heart. “Why Do Sagittarius Push Away Love”

  • Don’t try to make him Jealous.

A Sagittarius man hates jealousy, so if you try to make him jealous or put on an act to make him Jealous. That attitude won’t make him miss you instead, and you will put the relationship of yours at stake.

  • You need to understand his nature.

Due to their quiet nature sometimes and their fun habit, they like their partner to understand him as he is. To live life just as he wanted. A Sagittarius man doesn’t like to be misunderstood by his partner.

  • Be lively and friendly towards him.

Be happy with them, and let them be your best friend. Do not be moody and sad at all times.


Main characteristics of a Sagittarius man.

Main characteristics of a Sagittarius man

  • He focuses on achieving excellent results
  • He can say something mean to you but won’t insult you.
  • Stubborn
  • Don’t fall in love fast
  • Likes to be free
  • They are original and express their feelings directly
  • He enjoys being the center of attraction.

“Why Do Sagittarius Push Away Love”

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