Why Every Happy Relationship Needs It


Believe me when I say, a happy relationship is IMPOSSIBLE without trust and commitment. Don’t believe me? Keep reading.

Love is like Legos. In each passing moment, we are either building a wall between ourselves and our lover or a bridge into each other’s hearts.

Each Lego is an interaction between romantic partners. The deciding factor of whether we open or protect our hearts is the quality of trust.

“Without trust, there can be no meaningful connection.” – Brene Brown

Often trust is seen as a big word. A massive Lego that connects two people, allowing them to connect easily. But this is false.

The Truth About Trust

Trust is built brick by brick, an accumulation of small choices made every day. (Check out the Love Tank Theory to see what I mean.)

Trust is earned slowly. The earliest risks of sharing our hearts with a new person tend to be superficial and impersonal,…

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